Why is it so Hard to Part with those Jeans?

This blog post was originally published over on Minimalist Month, but I thought my new Weight Watchers theme warranted a repost.

I’ll hold my hands up, I own jeans in every size from a size 6 to a size 20. And at some point in my life, all of these jean have fit me. At the moment, I’m around the 16 mark (verging on a 14 – hopefully soon!).

If I’m honest, I haven’t been anywhere near the 6-12s in the last 10 years. I hit my target weight with Scottish Slimmers on 31 August 2004 (in my size 6s). I’ve eaten my way steadily back up through all the sizes and well beyond my original ‘fat weight’.

You’d think, at some point in those 10 years, especially when I did some major decluttering in 2014, that the skinny jeans should have been thrown out.

More than just jeans

But, at some level, they represent me when I was last really happy. I was in a relationship. I had these cool Miss Sixty jeans. I had worked hard to lose the weight and I felt fantastic. If I throw them out that’s me saying: “I’ll never have that again”.

Lost my minimalist mojo

If I was being truly minimalist, they’d have been long gone. Looking at it the other way, they are a reminder of failing. I broke up with the guy, I undid all my hard work, they no longer bring me joy, put simply, they just don’t fit!

When I last posted here on 13 June 2016, I had made some inroads into further decluttering. I’d been harsher with my wardrobe. I was throwing out things that had tags on them (I had never done that before as it felt so wasteful).

Can I be honest again? *whispers* those skinny jeans still weren’t in the ‘to go’ pile. They actually aren’t even in my wardrobe. They are hidden in a case with a  bunch of other clothes from that same era. Out of sight, out of mind.

Getting my minimalism back and throwing out fat clothes

Back in June, I’d started a new weight loss journey, with Weight Watchers this time. And this had scuppered my plan to throw out the clothes I’d been so brutal with.

I’m back to reassure you all that my minimalist ways are still in place. Only this time I’m throwing out clothes that are too big. I have about six charity bags waiting to go. I’m trying to keep on top of this. If something starts to feel baggy, I’m not keeping it.

After all, I have plenty of unworn, smaller clothes to start wearing!

PS: the jeans and bag of smaller clothes are still here. I’m 2 stone down and there’s a way to go yet. My plan is that this time next year I will be wearing them!

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Sky Broadband is coming…

Oh it is, is it?
This is one of my pet hates  –  no check of the email title.
  • Sky Broadband is on it’s way
  • Sky Broadband is on its way
You may be wondering why I’ve waited six years to publish this. The answer is laziness.
I’m hoping to get back on track now!

After 25 years I finally meet Tim Booth of James

It must feel like 25 years since I wrote in this blog. And for that I am sorry. Life gets in the way as you know.

Getting started again

I admit, I put up barriers like: blogging is too hard, will take up too much time, my blog is in an old system blah…blah…blah.

I had a word with myself about it and I realise that I actually enjoy blogging and my excuses were, well just that really, excuses.

No more excuses

I’ve moved the blog off the blogger platform and onto WordPress. Apologies if there are start up problems – I’ve noticed a few broken links. There’s also some tidy up needed of categories and the like but I’ll get to that.

See, I’m procrastinating again. where was I?

I met Tim BoothThe day I met Tim Booth!

I have a long-standing love of James. Ever since a day 25 years ago (putting us in 1991) when I heard Lose Control, I have had an obsession with them.

Tim Booth (the lead singer) is a lovely, soft-spoken man and when he sings his voice soars – I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Back in the 90s he sported a head of fluffy curls that was all kinds of cute in an urchiny kinda way. Now he’s a little bit scary. Smooth, bald head and intense staring eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I met him.  When I say ‘met him’, he was signing the new James CD in Newcastle’s HMV and my friend made me ask him for a photograph.

I was terrified. He is a God. He is almost as terrifying as Derren Brown.

And next week, I get to ‘meet him’ again. James play the City Hall in Newcastle. I believe this will be the 10th time I’ve seen them!



Bram Stoker’s 165th Birthday: a Great Google Graphic

Bram Stoker was born on 8 November, 165 years ago.

Google are honouring the anniversary with a graphic inspired by his most famous work, Dracula.

Google‘s Dracula inspired graphic

And what a horrible thought, without Dracula we might not have had Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair.  No Laclos? No!

Check out the Dark Dates website to find out more about this tale of vampires and otherworldly beings….

You can buy Dark Dates from Amazon UK or Amazon US and you can find it on Goodreads here. You can also check out the online trailer here.

In which I find a film so horrific that even I am a bit freaked out

I make no secret of the fact that I really, really want to find a horror movie to scare me.

I think I have succeeded.

We were asked to read over a website from the Health and Safety Executive on Slips and trips (find out more:

http://www.hse.gov.uk/slips/step/ChooseRole-Education.htm).  There are some quite horrific images on there – not least the video on the sous chef that ends up chucking boiling fat all over herself – we even see her burning skin.


I watched a Supernatural episode last week on cursed/haunted objects that was just as bad as this video. In the episode a woman had a cursed teapot (stay with me) that made her pour its boiling contents down her neck.

After some digging it seems that the videos are part of a series developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Canada) – (search WSIB on You Tube – but be prepared).

Here is the sous chef one…

Honestly – this one is like a scene from The Omen (see image below)!

Fred Krueger set to slay Sally Morgan (one can hope…)

October is one of my favourite months of the year mainly because it contains Halloween.

I love the build-up to it: watching horror movies and Halloween TV specials, snuggling down with horror-themed chocolates (seriously monster mini rolls and Cadbury’s Scream Eggs – what’s not to love?).

My Saturday night consisted of two zombie-themed shows (Walking Dead and Derren Brown’s Apocalypse) and the watching of the movie: An American Haunting.

Tonight (the big event), will comprise of American Horror Story: Asylum and Horror Europa presented by Mark Gatiss (both recorded from last night). *Rubs hands in glee*

What else could possibly make tonight’s viewing any better? I think only a Celebrity Come Dine with Me Halloween Special. What’s that you say, there is one?

Look away now if easily offended…

Yes that’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you… (l-r) psychic (ahem) Sally Morgan, cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid, model Nicola McLean and Robert Englund.

Robert Englund.

I am praying that he chooses tonight to bring back Freddy and rid the world of this nightmarish line up.