Why am I bothered?*

Words and what you do with them are pretty important to me.

Not only did I study English language at University (and that’s the proper linguistic stuff not just a cop out from English literature), I’ve spent much of my life in jobs that involve: writing new content, editing someone else’s content, and proofreading.

I am now employed to develop content for websites and provide advice on best practice in writing for the web.

Let’s be clear: writing for the web does not mean you have to use text speak, abandon all rules of spelling and grammar, or, God forbid, limit your sentences to 140 characters a go.

However, I am scared by my relaxing standards when writing messages on my mobile phone (but I have just told off my sister for sending an incomprehensible message – I’m all for saving characters to save the price of a text – but really? – ‘wk.end’ for ‘weekend’ – only saves one character and gives me a headache).

My Facebook updates, I believe, are on the right side of the fence. I also maintain a ‘Grammar Police’ image collection on Flickr which showcases improper use of language on signs, websites, emails and TV.

In an additional bid to maintain my sanity, I unleash this blog onto the world.

I’ll try and limit commentary to issues of language – but I may occasionally lapse into a rant on shoes if I encounter someone trying to convince me of comfort over style (Crocs) or comfort over noise pollution (Ugg boots).

Note: if anyone is interested, the Blog title comes from a Maximo Park song called Postcard of a Painting, in which singer, Paul Smith, laments “I wrote my feelings down in a rush, I didn’t even check the spelling”.

Now, there’s no excuse for that.

*I couldn’t even bring myself to use the catchphrase ‘Why Am I bovvered?’ to introduce this. My fingers wouldn’t type it.


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