How good is your Grammar?

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I know I shouldn’t get drawn into these stupid Facebook assessments (What is your bedroom paint colour? Where should you retire? How well do you know X?). But I felt this one might be for a good cause, it being about grammar an’ all…. At the very least it shows that even within the horrors of text speak and generally bad writing, someone, somewhere in Facebookland, decided Grammar was worth testing. And for fun!

I’m a bit annoyed with the test: I got A-. I don’t know why I got A- as it wouldn’t let me view the answers. It let me take it again and when I blatantly changed an answer to be incorrect:

“The cap is lose.”

I still got A-. Hmn…

My pet hate on the screenshot here is question 5: “Effect for affect (pick the sentence with correct usage)”.

If I am choosing between ‘effect’ and ‘affect, why is one of the answer options ‘impact’?

If you are selecting the correct usage from two words, shouldn’t there be two options? If you are providing three options at least be bothered to write another variation using one of the words you asked the person to choose from.

I find the use of ‘impact’ here slightly strange too – almost as if they weren’t sure which of ‘affect’ or ‘effect’ to choose. Impact to me has a much bigger, forceful influence than something that just has an effect.


3 thoughts on “How good is your Grammar?

  1. I suppose this is slightly better than daring to comment in a popular pharmacy whose name rhymes with loots about their use of compliment/complement…. 🙂


  2. Yes, I am clearly cracked. I seriously considered emailing a magazine yesterday because they used two spellings of focused/focussed in the same page, and *last month* used the wrong spelling of practising.


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