Word of the Day: Frippery

Another favourite from the good old days of the Word of the Day is Frippery. I think it first made it into the esteemed vocabulary suite because it sounded nice. It’s a kind of whimsical, frivolous sounding word. It was what I imagined fish did when they were taken out of water and tried to twist and turn themselves back into the sea. It was a word that sounded like it had come straight from a Blackadder episode.

I particularly like its meaning/s:

  • Pretentious, showy finery
  • Something trivial, nonessential or unimportant

I’ll often throw the word into conversation to make me feel like I am somehow residing in medieval England…. “Enough of your frippery good sir”.

I probably need help.


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Frippery

  1. I took a photo of a shop called Frippery in NY before you got there. I took it because my friend Liz uses the word a lot (usually in connection with the rubbish we wrap ourselves in each year before heading off to Brighton). I shall send it to you.


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