Where’s it been?

Where’s it been?
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Who writes these signs? Why do they get them wrong? Why do they not notice when they put up the sign next to the correctly spelt packaging?


Seinesberrie’s please try harder.


One thought on “Where’s it been?

  1. Let me tell you something about barker cards (for that is what you were looking at when you took the photo). The bulk of the barker cards you'll see in store are lovingly crafted by those wonderful people at Head Office. In the old days, they'd be printed centrally and then distributed to the stores. All was well.

    In more recent times, the barker cards are transmitted to the stores and the relevant ones are printed locally. Along with being able to print the HO transmitted barkers, this technologically- (read financially-) driven change also allowed the stores to create and print their own. As you'll know only too well, supermarkets are hives of diverse mental abilities. This one was probably knocked up by the 16 year old part-timer who was in a mad rush to meet up with devilishly handsome John from produce.


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