I really do think I should get out more. I was sitting writing Christmas cards yesterday and I found myself proofreading, yes proofreading, the greetings inside the cards. This is surely bad for my health. I must waste days of my life subconsciously reading and processing things.

Take the title of the blog. It is in fact part of a marketing campaign run by Sunderland Council (a clever play on the city centre’s postcode). I tell you though, I read it, then re-read it, then read it again. If their advertising makes you work that hard, they should probably try again. (You can see it in action by downloading the Christmas Flyer on this page:

(Note to self: let this be a lesson, blog as soon as you spot these things. They seem to have fixed the spelling error on the events website that referred to Santa Clause.)


One thought on “MERRY CHSR1TMAS

  1. It's rather more obvious on their (there, they're) flyer than on your (you're) title. I completely missed the SR1 reference until you pointed it out further down the page. And yes, I realise this is what you were getting at.

    I'd have preferred the flyer to have made more of an effort to make the SR1 less obvious to be honest. Thankfully, those with red-green colour blindness will see the effect I'd have preferred!


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