I’m just beginning to realise how sad I really am….

My friend, the wordsmith, sent me this delightful website: http://www.skepdic.com/ . It combines two of my favourite things:

1. It’s a dictionary *
2. It’s about paranormal and supernatural things

I’m slightly disappointed that in its entry about ‘Mentalists’ it fails to mention Patrick Jane or Derren Brown. What a missed opportunity.

Its entry on ‘Mediums’ contains a thoroughly entertaining quote:

Death is a part of life, and pretending that the dead are gathering in a television studio in New York to talk twaddle with a former ballroom-dance instructor is an insult to the intelligence and humanity of the living.” –Michael Shermer

But there’s a definite lack of Patricia Arquette or Joe DuBois** . They also missed the chance to name check Derren Brown***, a famous fake medium, master of showmanship, misdirection and deeply, disturbing man.

There’s also fabulous entries about werewolves, zombies and animal quackers; it’s a thoroughly entertaining read and the only way to waste a few festive hours in the office.
*I realise that this makes me seem incredibly sad and dull, but I can’t deny it.
** yes, yes, I’m mixing characters and real life – but this often happens especially when in conversations with Tracey.
***Just making up for my lack of mention of him in the past, in the hope that he won’t pick on me in April when I muster the courage to go and see him live. Me, in the same room as Derren…. *faints in terror*.

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