Twenty ten or two thousand and ten…

Well, here it is, a new year again.

Apologies for the lack of postings, I spent Christmas and New Year away in Boroughbridge and the Borrowdale Valley, respectively.  For all the hotels proclaim free wi fi, I’ve had trouble connecting. 

I hold my hands up – I had ample chance to mock spellings in the New Year menu (medditteranean tart anyone?) the spacing between words was awful, the consistency of phrases on the vegetarian menu and the meat menu was missing – brandy snaps with layered cream and strawberries or strawberries and cream with layers of brandy snap?  And, damn, I missed my chance to pick up the Keswick Reminder: grab a copy when you’re next there, it’s hilarious.   

But, hey ho, it’s over.  And it was okay.  It’s been a tough year 2009, I’m quite happy to see the back of it.  As for resolutions, well I don’t really do them.  I guess this time of year sets you up for ‘new start’ kind of things.  So in the back of my mind I’m planning fitness, better diet and more reading.  I’m also working on lots of trips away. 

I’m also aiming to have an upstairs.  This, I know sounds weird, and it’s not like the top of my house is missing.  But it’s what I want.

I also plan to blog more regularly.  Maybe I’ll also subscribe to the Reminder.


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