Things my husband says…

They say that laughter is the best medicine and if this is true then my husband should start his own health centre.

On receiving some new corporate giftage:

“The mousemat was damaged because they put a cheap and nasty flat thing (i.e. the mousemat) in a not-flat (and also cheap) draw-string bag with other angular and not-flat things (i.e. a mug in a box and a pen in a box).”

On encouraging me to exercise:

“Oh just get yourself to the gym. If nothing else, it’ll fill you full of happy en-dolphins and you’ll feel happy and energetic. Saying that, I’m still a miserable old b’stard, but hey!”

On helping me to lose weight more quickly (in response to me pledging to be 2 stone lighter by the time we next meet):

“Maybe if you cut a leg off I’ll be allowed to see you sooner?”

On the weather:

“No snow here in the sunsoaked South, but like Cerys Matthews says to Tom Jones, ‘It’s bloody freezin’ innit'”


7 thoughts on “Things my husband says…

  1. Oh I lol'ed so much at this post. I wish he was my husband. I'm so jelus ov you.

    I imagine he's tremendously attractive with a great body. I bet he's a very generous and passionate lover. I can tell that just from his words.

    I expect he looks like a better looking Gary Wilmot and has the humour, wit and personality of funny man Jim Davidson (I can _reccommend_ his DVD).

    Anyways luv, keep fight (fight), fight (fight), fighting for this husband.

    Ms C Cole xxx


  2. Oh Cheryl, thank you so much for your kind words. He is, indeed a wonderful husband, and one, may I add, who rather holds you in high regard.

    One thing though, could you stop wearing such revealing outfits? He keeps asking me to wear that saucy military number, and honey, I just don't have the legs.

    Much love.
    Keep reading!



  3. I may be for The North, but even I know that you should end a sentence with a full stop and not a comma. Especially on a blog that comments on the use and abuse of the printed word.

    Love, Chezza xx


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