Word of the Day: Cacodemon

Another word from the fated ‘Big Word’ calendar.  Though this time, it is actually quite big. 

The meaning is also timely, as Supernatural series 5 is set to air on February 10th according to the movie-tv-episode-database website and we all know there are plenty of cacodemons on that (well you will when I tell you what it means!).  So, the meaning:

Cacodemon – evil spirit – malignant person  [Dictionary.com entry]

Wikipedia states it is quite commonly used in the gaming world (role play and that sort of thing) – it’s often used to denote a spell or incantation that will summon an evil spirit rather than refer to the spirit itself.

We have also spawned (geddit?) other uses of the word: 

“In psychology, cacodemonia (or cacodemomania) is a form of insanity in which the patient believes that they are possessed by an evil spirit.”  [Source: wikipedia entry on Cacodemon]

The antonym to cacodemon is eudemon; also known as “those bloody angels“.


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