Fancy the beach at ‘Britan’ anyone?

Following last year’s devastating headline: City drops apostrophes from signs, another article lamenting the fall of the English language:  Morecambe tops popular list of misspellings

According to a Travelodge survey, 20% of people wanting to book a room, misspell their chosen destination.  Now, I’ve done this myself, the problem is the survey doesn’t make clear how many of these misspellings are, in fact, typos. 

Still, there’s no excuse for data from the follow up survey:  Heatherow, Gatwhick, Tourkey and Britan are noted.

A part of me still likes that these articles crop up.  People comment.  They despair at the apathy that our culture seems to have for language.  In short, some people still care.

Then sometimes I just think:  what idiots.


7 thoughts on “Fancy the beach at ‘Britan’ anyone?

  1. Maybe Britan is a cunning marketing ploy. It's emphasising the fact that it _is_ possible to get a tan in Britain without going abroad. The likelihood of a tan in Britain is higher compared to all of those places classed as 'abroad' since statistically speaking (and I watched a very authoritative gentleman saying these very words on GMTV) some people where suncream when they're abroad but not so much at home. Zing!

    Welcome to BriTAN.

    I'll be BriTANNING this year.

    Fake tan or BriTAN.

    You'd think I had a marketing degree, wouldn't you?


  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks as ever for your comments. You'll never guess though, the authoritative gentleman you saw on GMTV was none other than my husband!

    Wasn't he amazing? Eamonn Holmes even quoted him!!


  3. Oh. Well, in my new role of UN Ambassador for the Promotion of the British Tan, Brighton will henceforth be rebranded as BrightTAN. Given my superior marketing skills, all of the slogans I'd written for BriTAN and easily transferable to the BrightTAN campaign.


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