Sharing your Valentine’s Day with a Football Stadium

I picked up an advert for a “Valentines Dinner and Dance” from our staff social room.  My first thought was to gloatingly point out the lack of apostrophe, mocking the ineptitude of St James’ Park.

However, on further contemplation, I admit, I may have been over eager in my mocking.

Obviously Valentine’s Day requires an apostrophe.  It is a day that commemorates St Valentine.  Arguably this “Valentines Dinner” could require an apostrophe if it is a dinner commemorating St Valentine.

However, I have a feeling that it is instead referring to the idea of being someone’s ‘valentine’.  Therefore this would be a dinner for a number of valentines:  a Valentines Dinner.

Regardless of whether the punctuation is right or wrong, surely the whole idea of spending your Valentine’s Day with a bunch of other couples is weird, right?


6 thoughts on “Sharing your Valentine’s Day with a Football Stadium

  1. First of all, why doesn't Blogger allow copy and paste? I almost posted this post as someone else – I'm in an internet café you see.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've had a really bad Valentine's day. My other half has been sexting other wimmin like.

    Also, I think the football stadium's name is St James's Park is it not? There's a park in London with the same name. I like to walk through it when I'm doing the X Factor.


  2. Cheryl, I think you'll find that while the London park is indeed St James's Park, the Newcastle stadium is St James' Park. You're clearly spending too much time in the South.

    Very sorry to hear about Ashley and his wandering fingers. You should pop round next time you're down.


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