I saw this…and thought of you…

I’m starting to wonder what people actually think of me.

For a start, a number of recent gifts and cards of the “I saw this and thought of you…” variety, have featured butterflies.

I like butterflies. I admit to having bought butterfly-related paraphernalia myself. But is it sad to find out that this is a defining characteristic in your friend’s eyes*?

Now though, more tragically, grammar and spelling errors now feature in the  “I saw this and thought of you…” category.

Frequent contributors in this area have included: ThriftyGal** (unnecessary quote blog, and some upcoming blogs on Coulrophobia and badly proofed legal websites – keep an eye out wordsmiths!), PT over at Tales of the Hollow Earth who provided this signage error, Real Ale Alan (friend of Uncle Phil) various spelling related inspiration, and The Original Wordsmith who provided the need for a blog entry featuring Derren Brown  and now….

Rosalind, a friend of ThriftyGal, who has only met me once, kindly pointed me at this delight on the Guardian website.

*Please don’t stop buying butterfly-related gifts. I do actually like such presents, even though I hate moths.

**fuelled normally by a desire to get me to publish pictures of hot actors.


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