OMG I like totally LOL’d

An older relative of mine believes, quite wrongly, that LOL stands for Lots of Love.  Maybe she doesn’t realise that there’s another meaning for it at all – so therefore is unaware of the potential for embarrassment when she sends a text like this:

“Hi, So sorry to hear that you had a fall.  Hope you’re ok. lol ****** xx”

EDIT:  I’m so pleased my laptop is now bluetooth enabled.  It allows the sharing of this wonderful pic to illustrate the use of “LOL”. 


11 thoughts on “OMG I like totally LOL’d

  1. Hey sweetheart, I'm afraid 'tis you that is wrong. LOL can also be used to mean 'lots of luck', 'lots of laughter' and 'lots of love'. I believe it can also be used to mean something about lamp oil, alas I can't find the reference.

    My Ashley's been wishing lots of people lots of luck. He's such a thoughtful man.


  2. Hi Cheryl,

    The wikipedia info you reference states that “lots of love” and “lots of luck” are mostly HISTORICAL uses of LOL. So I think my comment stands.

    Incidently, you are being so brave, hope you aren't SASB.

    LOL – Linda


  3. Eeee Linder, ye've confused us like.

    Acronym Definition
    SASB Structural Analysis of Social Behavior
    SASB Standards Association Standards Board (IEEE)
    SASB Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (Australia)
    SASB Salvation Army Song Book
    SASB Sonic Adventure Social Board (
    SASB Saint Andrews Society of Baltimore (Maryland)

    Which one div ye mean like?


  4. Weird, some comments haven't shown up here. SASB – Sobbing and Sniffing Bitterly about your husband.

    I obviously also meant “incidentally” above. Oops. Starstruck! xx


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