L*w*s Hamilton

I’m not sure why the Metro paper went to such lengths to asterisk out letters in this story about Lewis Hamilton. I assumed they were protecting the eyes of the innocent from seeing the word ‘dick’. That is, until I realised that the photo they’d used to illustrate it didn’t bother!

I then thought that maybe they’d used the text to feed their online story in which they didn’t want to include the word. I was wrong:



2 thoughts on “L*w*s Hamilton

  1. I've never really understood the whole asterisking thing. I don't believe that there'd be anyone that could not work out what that word says (regardless of the accompanying photo). Therefore, even the most easily offended will still read it as 'dickhead', thus rendering the over-sensitive asterisks redundant. If you're going to be offended by 'dickhead', you'll be offended by the inference you take from 'd***head', surely.


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