Spelling, capitalisation and dumplings 1

Boy, this is a from a while ago, from a jaunt to the New Derby in Sunderland, it is from at least two years ago, I’m sure it’ll all be sorted by now.

It really is a nightmare isn’t it? 

As I recall TYPING WORDS IN CAPITALS isn’t an excuse for not using an apostrophe.  I’m looking at you Rokers.

And really, the whole lack of punctuation and styling makes for a strange opening gambit:

“The New Derby Rokers finest pensioners only home made specials menu”

So is it:

  • Roker’s finest pensioners who are allowed here
  • Roker’s finest pub [The new Derby]
  • Roker’s finest [home made specials]
  • Roker’s finest [menu]

As they established in the title that the specials are all ‘home made’, why then feel the need to describe them all as ‘homemade’ – though maybe they realised their error in not hyphenating or making it all one word so they made up for it by writing lines…

At least they were consistently incorrect in the spelling of leak.


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