They Called their Website What?

Thrifty Gal sent me yet another blog suggestion.*

This one is about the rather dull sounding Official Meeting Facilities Guide.  Nope, there are no typos in the title, and nope, there are no grammatical mistakes to be found in the text.

However, their website does sound like it may be home to some less than serious, dare we say risque, internet content, particularly as the’ve use the acronym of the publication title for their URL:

It’s working well for them in terms of comedy value I guess, and they might make some money should they ever decide to sell the domain. 

This reminded me of something I’d read ages ago about other ‘unfortunate’ web addresses.  Here are a few for your entertainment.

 There’s even a website dedicated to the cause:  They Called their Website What?


*seriously, I’ll be paying her soon. 


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