I wish Desmond was my constant

Desmond is my favourite character from Lost. The hair, the brown eyes, the slightly (okay in the picture below very) dishevelled and unshaven look, the Scottish accent that sends shivers down my spine: I could go on…

I was delighted to see Desmond feature in today’s Metro newspaper (page 34,  fact fans) as he’s been stuck down a well for the best part of three episodes – reminiscent of his early days stuck down a shaft – and I was worried about him*.

The media usually go for the better known characters of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Locke so it was good to see our favourite time traveller (with special supporting mention to Faraday – not pictured unfortunately) promoting the upcoming Lost finale.

But really, with all the hype around the show was there any excuse to incorrectly caption the photograph of Desmond as ‘Ian Somerhalder, aka Boone’? Boone died in Season 1 and he’s nowhere near as hot as our Des.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Henry Ian Cusick, aka Desmond,  and I wish he was my constant.

* I realise this makes me sad.


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