Kali Mera!

Apologies for the blogging silence, I had no idea it had been this long.  I have just been on a holiday to Greece, so that accounts for one week…
Speaking of my holiday (well we were weren’t we?), I just had to post a picture of this sign in my apartment.  Yes, there’s a spelling error, but I’m not here to mock that.
No, I have complete respect for Greek speakers who write and communicate in English.  I’ve tried to study Greek and it isn’t easy.  Not only do you have to learn vocabulary and grammar – you have to learn a whole new alphabet.  So, for all the spelling errors to be had on menus written by Greeks in English, I have no photographs. 
Along the way, dabbling in Greek, instead I’ve come to understand how and why some of these errors occur too.  Take the word ‘Bar’, in Greek written:  Mπαρ.  Essentially MPAR.  There’s no corresponding Greek letter for ‘b’.  The sound is created from ‘mp’.  So, on a menu, translated for the English crowd, lamb becomes ‘lamp’ or ‘lammp’.  Not to be mocked.
What tickled me about the photo above, is the fact that ovens in Greek self-catering look like this:
Hardly capable of baking bread….

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