Tattoos don’t come with a spellchecker!

I didn’t really want to jump on the Raoul Moat bandwagon.  But this story in The Sun last week was sent to me under the guise of ‘I saw this and thought of you’ and it is pretty entertaining, if only for highlighting the depths of madness surrounding the whole Raoul Moat incident.

Really, you get a tattoo and you can’t spell Raoul Moat right?


4 thoughts on “Tattoos don’t come with a spellchecker!

  1. Eeeeh, hinny, I was petrified, like. Fancy hevvin' a mass morderra like that on yer doorstep. Alreet, he only killed one gadgy like, but he had the eyes of a mass morderra. I'm glad I had the lurgy, like.

    Hope yer alreet our Lind. We hevvent spoken in a while. We can change that now that I'm aall betta, like. They didn't let us hev tha intanet in the 'ozzie.


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