The Carrots and the Dinner

I love the Brother’s Grimm and they obviously inspired the following story.  It’s from about 7 years ago:

It was a spring day in the farmyard. The birds were singing loudly and everyone was going about their daily chores.

The two carrots, who lived under the big rock, were on their way way to market when suddenly they were faced with a dilemma; what should they buy for tea?

The biggest carrot, known as Dockleaf, had a craving for fresh fruits and honey made by the bees. But Blackberry, the smaller creature, did not like the sweetness of the dish and instead preferred a pie made with  fresh beef from the farmer’s  stocks. They argued a while but neither could see a way out of this predicament.  They walked along to market in silence until Dockleaf hit upon a splendid idea – ‘why do we not ask the next person we meet on the way to market which dish we should have?’  Blackberry agreed, but not to be outdone by her friend’s  cleverness said ‘let us ask three people and whichever dish  gets the most votes will be eaten by us tonight.’

At last they reached a small field where an apple lay sunning itself.  ‘Excuse me miss,’ said Dockleaf, ‘my friend and I are in a fix and wondered your thoughts’. ‘Go ahead’ replied the apple ‘I will do my best to assist you and your good friend’. Dockleaf outlined the options and watched as the apple recoiled in horror.  ‘How dare you?’ exclaimed the apple, ‘to suggest a dish of fruit when I, a fresh apple, sit before you! The pie it shall be and for your insolence I will visit you this night and join you in your food.’  Dockleaf and Blackberry felt ashamed and saddened by their foolishness and carried on their way to market.

A short way down the road they reached another field, though this one was larger and filled with a number of cows.  The two exchanged glances for they were sure that one of the cows could help then in their choice.  ‘Excuse me,’ shouted Blackberry, ‘my friend and I are in a confusion as to what we will eat tonight and wondered your thoughts.’ A cow ambled over to the edge of the field. ‘Go ahead,’ she said ‘ I will do my best to assist you and your good friend.’  After  Blackberry had explained their options, the cow let out a huge moo whilst exclaiming ‘ you foolish little carrot – I cannot allow you to suggest a pie made of beef! The fruit it is! I willl be there this evening to partake in fruits and honey with you and your friend.’  And with that the cow stomped off to the middle of the field.

‘What do we do now good Blackberry?’ bemoaned Dockleaf, ‘we have guest for dinner who will not eat the food we will prepare.’ ‘You forget we still have one person to ask, they may have a better idea.’ said Blackberry.  The two carrots carried on their way, walking as slow as they could for they were nearly at the market and feared they would not meet another person to help them.  At last they reached a small wood where they met a rabbit on his way back from  the market. 

‘Excellent,’ exclaimed the rabbit, ‘ fresh carrots for my stew’ and with that Dockleaf and Blackberry were pushed into his satchel.

That night the apple and the cow, having found the carrots’ home empty, were invited to the rabbit’s burrrow for a delightful dish of vegetable stew.  They enjoyed themselves immensely.


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