pedantic lepidopterist

It’s my birthday tomorrow.  To mark the occasion my colleagues bought me a card.  It has a butterfly on it. 

I’ve blogged before on only receiving cards and gifts featuring butterflies.  This resulted in the blog tag ‘I saw this and thought of you’* and related post earlier in the year.  
At the time I also noted with growing alarm that the number of ‘I saw this and thought of you’ e-mails I receive from friends now heavily feature grammar.  
I happened to mention this fact to G, my manager, who proclaimed “does that make you a pedantic lepidopterist?” 
As a zoologist, this made him happy. 
As a wordsmith, this appealed to me.  
As web editor people, this also inspired a search on “pedantic lepidopterist” to see if it was a googlewhack. Bizarrely it wasn’t.  Unless you employed quotation marks – which technically means it isn’t a true googlewhack. 
At least this review of Vladimir Nabokov’s Private Strife on the Guardian’s website will eventually have a quotation-marked google search result companion in this blog. 

*In fact, it’s a bit worrying that this tag is now my fourth most commonly used.


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