Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or why content should be relevant, timely and easy to understand…


So, lets start again.  It’s 2011 and I’ve been a prize slacker.  Belated Christmas wishes and a belated Happy New Year as well.  I have excuses, I’ve been away for a month on a little jaunt to South East Asia.  My return to the UK has also been punctuated by a few days away at a conference on content strategy meaning that yet again, while I could faff about on Facebook, when it came to actually doing anything useful like writing for the web or blogging, my hands were tied. 

Blagging my blog

The conference is the inspiration for part of the blog title.  I was toying with doing a post on resolutions (I prefer ‘plans for the upcoming year’ – resolutions are made to be broken, plans are meant to be followed through) but was worried I’d missed the time slot for it.  I decided I had missed the slot, but would make timely posting part of the blog entry thus making the post timely by tying it into my attendance at the conference.  Clever, huh?

Without further ado then, my top 10 ‘plans’ for 2011…

1.  Improve my beauty regime – If I will go and buy the entire Origins product range on the basis that I’m in a different country and the exchange rate seems to imply it’s cheaper, then I should actually use the damn stuff. So, Modern Friction, Youthtopia and Night-a-Mins here I come. Daily.  Weekly.  Whatever.  Regularly.   I shall look like a new woman come March.

2.  Get Fit.  This appears every year.  This year I must get fit.  This year I will go back to the spinning class.  It’s painful, but the instructor has hot arms.  Therefore I will go.

3.  Write more.  My approach to this blog has been random at times and lazy at others, this year I need to sort it out.  Maybe I’ll come up with a content strategy for my blogging to help me do it better.  I’ve also signed up for a creative writing course to get my imagination going again and started to write theatre reviews.

4.  Travel more, travel differently, travel alone.  Those of you that know me, know that my holidays in 2010 became a bit of a standing joke, where are you going this week, this day, this hour?  I was lucky enough to travel to Greece, New York, Rome and South East Asia. I also managed to meet new Facebook friends in Scotland (seriously, the Felice Brothers are my happiest find of 2010). 2011 needs to build on this crazy travel style but perhaps allow me to plan some solo travel jaunts.  A week in the sun with five books is sounding appealling, as is a trip to meet newer friends in Australia! Travel, then, to be arranged…

5.  Cook more.  2010 was the year of the homemade soup.  I have a tagine now.  I have no excuse for not making more. 

6.  Phone the people I don’t make time to travel to visit.

7.  Be open to dating.  I’ve been perpetually single.  My selection process:  “can he spell?” and “does he care about grammar?” has probably closed doors to me.  But then could I cope if he was grammatically challenged?

8.  Be nice.  I will give out more compliments.  I was nice to the hotel reception guy today and he was beaming when I left.  There’s karma in there somewhere.

9.  Be nice to myself.  I assume karma might take a bit of time to kick in.  In the meantime, I’ll not beat myself up about anything.

10.  Be timely.  Next year the New Year and Christmas posts will be on time. Next year, these plans will start on January 1st. 

This year of course, they’ll have to wait until Monday.


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