So, how am I doing?

So, *ahem*, my last blog entry was Friday 14 January.  It was about resolutions for the coming year.  One of these resolutions was about writing and therefore blogging more.  That was thirteen days ago.  That’s thirteen.  As in nearly two weeks.  Oh dear.

But I did set myself ten resolutions.  So, how am I doing on the others?

1. Improve my beauty regime – amazingly, since the blog post I have used the Origin’s Modern Friction scrub and Facewash stuff around 2-3 times a week. I have also moisturised almost every day. 

In addition, I used some Soap and Glory shower scrub and cream, purchased by the lovely Mandy1 (and by association my cousin – I am assuming that as he works with crash test things he was less involved in the buying of toiletries…) for Christmas and it is amazing!  Smells gorgeous. 

Yes, anyone reading this, that *would* be a great gift for me. 

2. Get fit. I went to an abs class.  It hurt.  A lot.  I have a swimming costume in my bag today.  I plan to swim at lunchtime (it is bloody freezing up North though)*.  No spinning….  yet.

3. Write more. Moving swiftly on…. 

No, to be fair my Writing Fiction course work has arrived.  Eek, there’s a lot to read.  Also I have a couple of reviews lined up for the theatre.  So, sorry blog, for my neglect. 

4. Travel more, travel differently, travel alone. I have a trip to Greece planned.  It doesn’t really fit into any of these categories.  Though I will be almost alone. My family are staying at the next resort to me.  My choice, they aren’t just trying to get away from me. 

5. Cook more. More homemade soup (lentil – am expanding the ingredients), some chickpea and aubergine tagine and a jacket potato so far. Hey, in my house a potato baked properly in the oven constitutes cooking. 

6. Phone the people I don’t make time to travel to visit. Um, not done yet. 

7. Be open to dating. Again, not done yet.  Though I have filled my diary with some new and varied events over the coming year from gigs by cute folky boys (going by myself, might bag myself a singer), to comedy, theatre and Glee, who knows?

8. Be nice to others. I was telling a friend about my resolutions and realised that while I was telling her about this one, I had been thinking how much I loved her top.  I promptly told her and was rewarded by smiles!

9. Be nice to myself. Most of the stuff above is fundamentally about being nicer to myself. 

Maybe it’s starting to work.  This morning my pal K (she of the fear of clouds/clowns confusion) complimented my on my hair.  My hair, that I thought was just scraped back in an unassuming ponytail, she saw as giving extra volume, flickiness and fun to my look.  🙂

10. Be timely. My lists are getting longer.  My diary is in place.  It’ll all come together, honest.  

* Um…. my meeting went over.  I didn’t go.


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