25 people who read this blog went on to eat jam sandwiches

“We sent 883 of our students to University this October, the highest in the City by far!”

There’s something about this advert that annoys me.  As it forms part of my daily commute, it was only a matter of time before I photographed it and hopefully get myself over it. 

I think it is because it’s so vague, while at the same time implying that it is imparting good, solid statistics.

883 students out of how many?  Out of 883?  Brilliant! We assume not as readers or they’d have said 100%, surely?

So at what point does a percentage cease to be better than the number?  Less than 80%?  Less than 75%?  To be honest, there’d be less questions thrown up by the use of a percentage: at least there would be some way of quantifying the amount. 

So, that aside, 883 students went to University in October.  All, I assume, gaining the grades they wanted, the courses they wanted, the universities they wanted.  Yeah, right.

“This was the best result in the City by far”.  Great, as City of Sunderland College is the college in the city of Sunderland, they did well there.  I’m assuming they’re comparing their results to the much, much smaller school-based sixth forms.  But who knows?

Those other sixth forms that might only get 600* people to university, but 600 out of 650….

So the marketing message boils down to:  We’re the only college in Sunderland and we sent some students to  university.


*number plucked out of thin air.


3 thoughts on “25 people who read this blog went on to eat jam sandwiches

  1. Also, can I point out that it is incorrect to capitalise City unless you are referring to the City (as in, the City of London – the financial City, not the actual one). And University shouldn't be capitalised unless it's a specific university. So the ad is annoying on a whole load of levels. Now I'm off for a jam sandwich.


  2. Indeed, it is an incredibly weird advert. I have also amended my random capitalisation of university here and there. Working for one, I do know that rule too :/

    I also don't like the use of bold in it either.

    I should probably have stated that I am from Sunderland and have nothing against the city. In fact, I went to this college in the distant past.


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