Handy checklist for creating an advert

Here’s your handy checklist for creating adverts for publication in the Sunderland Echo. Don’t worry, whatever you provide will be checked carefully for any omissions or errors – and they’ll be added in at no extra cost to you.

  1. Make sure you randomly capitalise words. ‘Restaurant’, ‘Bar Food’, ‘Quiz Night’, ‘Course’, ‘Disappointment’. Come on, find an approach and stick with it.
  2. Add in an apostrophe mistake. If at all possible make sure you confuse its and it’s.
  3. Make sure you mix up your and you’re.
  4. Don’t follow a style. Add and take away full stops at the end of your bullet points – who cares?
  5. Completely misspell a borrowing from another language. I’m not certain who Al La Carte is but I’m sure he’d prefer to be à la carte.
  6. Make sure your advert is timely and relevant. I think the 24th February is possibly a tad early for advertising Valentine’s Day bookings…
  7. Hyphenate for the hell of it.


4 thoughts on “Handy checklist for creating an advert

  1. 'Now' is also randomly capitalised and surely it should be '3 courses' (well actually, it should be 'Three courses'). I presume the name of the 'Restaurant' is 'The Floater's Mill' and not as it's written here. And why is it 'your' refurbished venue, but 'our' restaurant?

    I bet the pictures are of a completely different rEstaurant. Not our reStaurant, not your restauraNt, but they're el restau-ranTay.


  2. I might add all those things in – and make it a nice round top 10 type thing 🙂 I was bothered by the quotes on the name too and the your/our thing.


  3. Family friendly was probably the target for one of Al's random hyphens. He's (Hes?) a greedy hyphen-gobbling beast is that Al.

    Oh, there's a comma after Friday and before the unnecessary ampersand and 'Valentines' would benefit from an apostrophe.

    You're probably going to have to aim for a nice round top 20 type thing!

    I fear the marketing department simply fell on a typewriter before sending it to print.


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