Would you like a chip with your fish?

“The only shop in Sunderland to be Award this prestigious award”
Yes, yet again, the Sunderland Echo provides its premier advertisement proofing service. Random capitalisation – check! No full stops – check! Dodgy grammar – check!
I was also a tad confused as to whether it should be ‘fish and chips shops’ or ‘fish and chip shops’. I personally favour the latter but it seems they are quite interchangeable. A google search of
“fish and chips shops” vs “fish and chip shops” brings up a plethora of pages that use both terms.
I suppose technically you always order fish and chips never fish and chip…

2 thoughts on “Would you like a chip with your fish?

  1. But you go to the chip shop, not the chips shop.

    Anyway, is there a portion (geddit?) of the advert missing, or does it really not mention the name of the business anywhere?


  2. I think you are right. I think the advert is wrong.

    The photograph at the top of the ad is of the shop frontage – I think the name was above that.


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