A brace of Lindas

“Oh how wonderful,” proclaimed the posh lady from the Friends of Highgate Cemetery as she ticked off the second ‘Linda’ from her list, “a brrrace of Lindas.”*

I loved it. Not only did I get to visit one of the best cemeteries in the UK, there was this completely bonkers woman signing me in. As far as I know, there is no collective noun for Lindas, but if there was, this would work for me…

I also quite like:

  • flutter of butterflies
  • squabble of seagulls
  • skulk of foxes

and finally, a flush of gingers. Oh it’s all about me…

Any other favourites?

* the rolling ‘r’ was significant to her pronunciation.


8 thoughts on “A brace of Lindas

  1. Eeeeh, hinny, yas telled us this stooory about a year ago, like.

    Me fayvrits are
    (and I don't know how to do bullets on here)

    o an absence of Metros
    o a glitterpot of Steves
    o a cloud of gingers
    o a Tylenol of Traceys


  2. Incidentally (liyke), I think you should have accompanied this post with a picture from an easyJet in-flight emergency procedure card. The picture where the air steward is shouting 'BRACE, BRACE' to be precise.


  3. I take your point Cheryl, the story is from at least 2 years ago, a littl;e more, I just never got round blogging about it.

    I think you are right – a cloud of ginger sis much nicer.


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