Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve blogged about portmanteau words before, in my House and Cuddy = Huddy post. There, I was particularly interested in the trend of celebrity portmanteau which is, as to be expected, a little more superficial than actual portmanteau development. I mean that at a very basic level: Bennifer is a combination of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. While it blends the names, it’s not taking meaning from the individual words (names), rather from the individuals themselves.

A portmanteau word usually takes the sounds and meanings of each word and creates a new one. The new word then takes on the attributes of each of the components and presents the combined meaning as its own. Take smog for example – a blend of smoke and fog, thus meaning a really thick fog (like smoke, but not!).

My mother seems to have taken this a step further by creating her own portmanteau*. It’s a mixture of a character name and a noun so spans both of these definitions. For her, and indeed, for the immediate family, this portmanteau is in regular use. I thought getting it in print would be a good idea. Hey, we all aspire to an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, don’t we? No? Just me then.
Ahem, without further ado (though the picture probably gives it away) the word my mother has coined, is:

Yes, a clear combination of Tigger (that well-known A. A. Milne character from the Winnie the Pooh stories) and Figurine. My mother is obsessed (specifically with the Disney version) with Tigger and this has resulted in her receiving many, many Tiggerines as gifts.
*forgive me if it has already been used somewhere, I haven’t managed to find it.  If there are instances of it let me know!

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