Glee, Pride, Americana and Satsumas

Apologies wordsmiths, life has been getting in the way of blogging of late. I have no excuses. I have blog posts ready to go. I have no reason for not pressing ‘publish’. I’m just lazy.

So what’s been clogging up my blogging?

Well, since my holiday in June I’ve had a busy time…

The end of the month saw a trip to ‘that London’ to enjoy the delights of Glee Live. Thrifty Gal provided a timely and super synopsis so I don’t have to.

And proof that my musical taste is varied to say the least; this was swiftly followed by a trip to the Sage Gateshead to see Ron Sexsmith. I love Ron. He has a voice and face that belie his age. I spent much of the first album I listened to of his thinking he was about 24. Some googling later and I was astounded to discover he was actually in his late 40s. I feel a little bit sorry for him as success (as he sees it) seems intent on eluding him. In a recent documentary about him: Love Shines, he spent much of the time lamenting his failings instead of accepting the critical acclaim which he so deserves. At the concert someone shouted out “you’ve got real talent Ron” to which he mumbled a response about his only talent being able to wear frilly shirts. The man needs to accept he’s a great lyricist and songwriter and get on with it!

No such self-doubt at the Bright Eyes gig (12 July) also at the Sage. Conor Oberst filled the stage with a presence and energy completely unexpected from his small and wiry frame. At times loud, beefy and rockier in sound, Oberst peppered this elegantly with glimpses of his softer side (particularly songs from his folk-inspired album: I’m Wide Awake it’s Morning).

Next up: Northern Pride. A weekend of drinking and a coating of glitter. There was some music – a Lady Gaga act springs to mind. Mostly though, there was rain and pink wine.

This weekend saw yet another trip to the Sage: you’d think I lived there. This was for the Americana festival – a weekend celebration of folk, country, and obviously Americana music. Most of it free (take a hint Sunderland’s Folk Festival – £45 – eek!!) and all of it great fun. We kicked back on the Saturday with some wine, some dips and smattering of sunlight (I have some sunburn to show for it). I particularly enjoyed The Lucky Strikes – stomping tunes and some great lyrics – was on the lookout for them as they’d been likened to The Felice Brothers.

The Saturday headliner Justin Townes Earle was quirky and his set was made even more enjoyable by the crazy commentary coming from behind us. “Six satsumas, you’d think the headliner would get better lighting than that… ” (A comment on the six orange lights lined up behind him). And, “if I’d drawn him in art class at school I’d have failed” (Earle’s trousers were a little short making his thighs look overly long and spindly, while his shins looked very short).

Things are settling down (a bit) so hopefully I’ll dedicate some more time to blogging.


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