Or maybe Handbag.com embarrasses itself again…?

It’s not like they’ve got much text to work with in the title of the email is it? Yet still they get it wrong.

(Click image to increase the size – the error is in the subject line of the email – compared to the correct spelling in the main body of the email.)


4 thoughts on “Or maybe Handbag.com embarrasses itself again…?

  1. I've just noticed the tiny typo that caused your original outrage towards the newsletter (which, by the way, is not created by any of the journalists on the team)

    Obviously we are saddened that something like this aggravates you enough to create a blog post entirely dedicated to our failings.

    We'll strive to be better in future.


  2. Hi Georgina,

    It was hardly outrage 🙂

    These tiny typos crop up all over the place and it's something I blog about – it is not just about having a dig at handbag.com – as you can see from the rest of my blog.

    The newsletter often has inconsistent/incorrect spellings in it. If the journalists aren't responsible for the email titles, then perhaps they should be (or at least check them) – they are after all the thing that draws you in to read the message in the first place!


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