Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December – my birthday that is…

Okay it’s not December, therefore it’s not my birthday yet. But I have received my first birthday gift for this year. Some of you out there will disagree with the opening of the gift before the official date but as it was from Thrifty Gal from Body of a Geek Goddess: she of the continuous birthday giftage, (seriously one year she was getting presents up to a month before her next birthday year – don’t know how she does it!), I felt I was allowed to open it.
The reason I decided to blog about the gifts is that it struck me how spot on she was in her selection of pressies. Not saying I can be packaged up too easily – a girl needs to keep some mystery – but she pretty much covered some key aspects of my personality and my likes in her presents.
So, what did I receive?
Nail Polish: I actually ruined her original nail polish present by buying it in New York – oops. But nevertheless she had some funky polish in a colour she didn’t like but that I love, so passed that on. (I’m all for bonus gifts….)
Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll make up: a triple whammy of Girls Aloud fun (though it’s normally Chezza creating the hilarity – I wonder if she might comment on this blog, she’s been quiet of late…), make up for pale girls and packaging with a feck-off-huge ginger cloud of hair on it.
A Butterfly scarf: that be a scarf covered in butterflies. It’s great, butterflies on a scarf. I’m so obsessed with butterflies that I bought a ring from Tiffany in New York in the shape of one. Yes, Tiffany. Not cheap.  I’ve also rediscovered the song Elusive Butterfly of Love by Bob Lind in the last week. I need help.
“Across my dreams, with nets of wonder
I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love”
Edgar Allen Poe Raven Notebook: I love this soooo much. The cover is great: all sinister and dark and featuring a quote from The Raven. The inner pages are all framed nicely and also feature quotes from Poe’s work. How much do I ‘heart’ this? Well let’s put it into context, on a recent trip to New York I made my companions visit Edgar Allen Poe Street which is essentially just a street. There’s nothing else of interest there. I took a photo though… :/ So a combination of stationery, horror and writing – perfect present!
I’m also hoping for the DVD of Tales of Terror (which is Vincent Price acting in Edgar Allen Poe stories) for Christmas: I am a little bit crazy for horror stuff.
And there it should end.
But I have a confession to make. I ‘kept’ the birthday card for my birthday. In reality I couldn’t resist a sneak peek. OH MY GOD, I love it!

(see my other blog post on these: http://didntevencheckthespelling.blogspot.com/2011/04/here-be-spiders.html)

So we end with Thrifty Gal adding grammar into the mix.

So, that’s me. A ginger with nice nails, a love of butterfly related gifts, an obsession with horror, stationery and grammar, any takers? I could add GSOH if that’d help…


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