The things kids say

I am a cute baby but she is cold in the face of my cuteness.

Before anyone gets carried away and thinks I’ve had a complete personality change and now want to have billions of babies before I’m 40, this post is purely for entertainment value.

I am surrounded at work by people who are doing their bit in providing the sweet babies thing so I don’t feel the need. However, one of the benefits of this is hearing about the crazy/cute (depending on your viewpoint) things that their kids say.

My favourites so far have been courtesy of Emma B’s (not a spice girl) tribe who have provided:

  • Water drink can for watering can with the added justification that the water is a drink for the plants (this, I admit is quite sweet)
  • Hot better bottle for hot water bottle with added justification that the hot water bottle also makes  you feel better (aw….)

I am not weakening.


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