Review of the year: how many resolutions did I keep?

So back at the start of the year I set myself some top 10 ‘plans’ for 2011… I rather prematurely did an update about two weeks later. The real test is now, a year on.

1. Improve my beauty regime – I must say I think I’ve done pretty well on this front. I’ve had some lapses but generally have followed a moisturise (if nothing else) regime fairly regularly. Origins have had a further £100 (or more) out of me, but I am using the products now instead of just admiring them as they languish under dust in my bathroom.

I also discovered primer. On a trip to New York the lovely Sephora store gave us freebies galore (however I guess they weren’t technically freebies when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars already) – one of the freebies was a make up primer. I’m a convert. My make up even stays on after spinning (more on that later)!

As an add on to this plan/resolution I also upped my work wardrobe (hey everyone has off days, you guys sniggering at the back). Generally my attempts to wear heels, funky trousers, and ‘festive’ jumpers have been greeted positively. However, by far the most successful (and in fact unintentional) change has been my intensified hair colour. Going that deeper shade of red/ginger has paid for itself in compliments. The non-reactions of those who clearly don’t know how to deal with change have also kept me amused.

2. Get Fit. I said in January that this appears every year, and so it goes. It will appear in January next year too. It took ’til around June to get really going with this, but then it clicked into place. I went spinning and swimming a few times a week, every week, until October. I also tried zumba! Spinning has since continued but with less intensity. The result? Dress size down and a stone and a half lost.

I have also spread the fitness joy by encouraging KD to join me at zumba and Emma B to embrace the joy that is spinning. I think Emma B only comes spinning to giggle with me at Jane’s attempts at handing in the tickets to the hot instructor (I’ll just say “headboard”).

Result of resolution 2: astonishing thighs in the web team.

3. Write more. Hmn. Not great. I completed the ‘Start Writing Fiction’ course from the Open University with flying colours. However it didn’t have the required result, that of making me write more fiction.

I have got more involved in writing theatre reviews for a London-based website. Again, though, after a flurry of blog activity in March, Postcard of a Painting was pushed to one side.

4. Travel more, travel differently, travel alone. Not sure I was entirely successful with this.

Travel more. I actually probably had fewer holidays this year, but then 2010 was a bit of a mad flurry.

Travel differently. I can’t actually remember what I meant by this. But if I meant destinations, I failed. I went to lots of places that I’ve already been to: Zakynthos, Rhodes, New York, Glasgow, York, London, but nowhere new.

Travel alone. I went to Zakynthos, Rhodes, Glasgow and York alone. And if I’m honest, I realised that I don’t like it as much as I make out. I mean I do enjoy some solo travel and I’m quite independant when I do travel with others. Generally though, I’d like to travel with someone else, someone to share the experience with – just don’t interrupt my book reading on the flight. 

5. Cook more. Over the summer in my health kick, cooking more, meant ‘make soup’. I haven’t done very well on this resolution otherwise.

6. Phone the people I don’t make time to travel to visit. Major fail. I can’t even claim that I visited them instead of phoning. Sorry people. 😦

7. Be open to dating. Again, this hasn’t gone spectacularly well. I’m not sure I count picking a random stranger up on the corner of my street as a successful dating strategy. He was very sweet,  until he starting talking about God, then he was a bit scary.

8. Be nice. There are many instances where I’ve done this, from friends and colleagues, to the girl at the Post Office with the funky red nails dotted with white polish – just like snow I tell you 🙂 and what happens? Either the recipient thinks you’re taking the piss, tells you that the item you like was cheap/free/old, or smiles (and keeps smiling). Take a hint people – accept and embrace the compliments! Be the smiley one.

9. Be nice to myself. After a year of feeling pretty shit, 2011 was the year I started to turn this around. All the stuff above is part of this. Everything that Richard Wiseman has written is part of this. I’ve started being and thus feeling more positive. And if people give me a compliment, I take it, thank you very much 🙂

10. Be timely. Hey I’ve done better here. At least this review of the year is out there before the year ends. Just have to make sure that next year’s plans, if I do any – just managing expectations – are posted in the first week of January (again making sure your hopes aren’t too high for a blog on January 1st)…

But nevertheless, see you some time in 2012 folks. 


2 thoughts on “Review of the year: how many resolutions did I keep?

  1. I'm inspired by your progress, Linda. This is pretty much the extent of my efforts to address resolution #4, although I'm hoping to churn out at least two other blog post comments before the end of February 2016.

    I can't say I approve of your cruising antics in resolution #7 though. At least try not to corrupt the holy… ;>)


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