From South Shields to Southend

Oops, nearly the end of February already and my blogging is flagging. I have been busy though, that’s my excuse.

Not only have actually been reading (another resolution you’ll recall) – I’ve proofread a friend’s book and read The Woman in Black (more on that in a later post), I’ve been out to see two comedians and a band this week!

From South Shields…

South Shields it seems is a hotbed of comedy at the moment – two comedians in one week from that neck of the woods!

 I started the week with Chris Ramsey, an enjoyable comedian (I was one of those who’d ‘been dragged along while not having a clue who he was’ – though I wasn’t going to raise my hand to admit this unlike someone further along our row). He did a bit of picking on the audience which I don’t really like, but thankfully swiftly moved on to his main act ‘Offermation’ which was brilliantly observed and very funny.

Next up was Sarah Millican – she seems to have been riding the crest of a wave of popularity this last year or so. It’s well-deserved, her show is a bit smutty, very funny and delightfully delivered. She describes herself as a ‘bit more sweary’ on stage – and she certainly is. I thought it was great how she managed to make you feel like it was an intimate show even when we were seated way up in the upper circle: so far away that there were actual binoculars up there.

…to Southend

Nowt like a good stomping hoedown in a great venue – here’s looking at you, Cluny 2 – and you The Lucky Strikes. (The Strikes are from Southend)

I saw The Lucky Strikes at the Sage Gateshead Americana festival last year and thought they were superb. I then discovered that the lead singer, Matt Boulter knew my favourite singer-songwriter Simone Felice and had toured with him. It was all shaping up well.

Some Facebook chat, a free Christmas CD and I’m convinced The Lucky Strikes are worth a looksee, worth buying their albums, worth going  to see. Last night at the Cluny2 was such good fun: I couldn’t believe the manic dancing (from the audience) at  the end. I could have been in Nashville: I was happy.


2 thoughts on “From South Shields to Southend

  1. I started reading your blog recently and I love it. But it made me realise what a small world it is. Mat Boulter is a good friend, went to school with my husband and played at my wedding. So I was highly amused and delighted to read your post and hear about your love for The Lucky Strikes.


  2. Hello Mrs H, and welcome and thank you for your kind words.

    I believe that the Lucky strikes will play at my wedding – should they be free and should I ever find someone to hook up with! ha ha!

    I have recently discovered that Mat will be touring with Mr Felice again – so I'll see him at the Cluny again 🙂

    This time I'll try not to be such a geek and describe myself as “Linda from Facebook” major fail!

    Always good to find friends of the Strikes – I thought they were lovely chaps.

    And now I must write more blog posts for you – I fear I've been slacking again 🙂


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