The story so far…blogging for the Live Theatre, Newcastle

Back in December, Live Theatre put a call out for bloggers, they wanted one per month to go and see plays and shows and generally promote the theatre more informally.

They asked for a summary of why you enjoyed theatre and if they liked  it, you were in. I got in!

I am the March blogger, a bit like the March hare but instead of running crazily through fields, I’m crazily going back and forth to the theatre.

For it seems that every two years in March, Live Theatre run a New Writing Festival for nine days. This means that there are events, plays, Q&As and music on daily and sometimes twice daily. Thankfully I haven’t had to go to everything: but I’ve been to a lot.

It’s been really enjoyable though, a right mixed bag so far.

Here are the blog posts that have been published:

There’s another four or so to come!

I’m ready for a lie down.


2 thoughts on “The story so far…blogging for the Live Theatre, Newcastle

  1. Thanks Melanie, shame I've not had chance to speak to you much 🙂 We seem to keep missing each other.

    I've really enjoyed myself. It's been a bit full on now and then, but hopefully my blogging has stayed interesting! A couple of my friends have said they want to come back to Live Theatre – so that's all good 🙂


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