Versatile Blogger Award

It’s always lovely to get a bit of praise for writing this blog. I’m aware that I don’t write as often as I should, sometimes leaving gaps between posts that must make some of you wonder if I’m still alive.

So I was very happy to receive a Versatile Blogger nomination.

According to the rules I have to thank the person who nominated me, list 15 blogs I enjoy (I might struggle with that – I don’t read that many!) and finally provide seven facts about me.

I have two nominations!

Thanks to…

First up from my good friend T (the person who probably wins the prize for blog nagging – ie  encouraging me to blog more often – ha ha) with her blog Body of a Geek Goddess.

Secondly from Mrs Gold at These are my Days – this is someone I’ve never met – but we seem to have the same mission to find a film that will scare us witless.

Thank you gals! 🙂

My nominations…

*It doesn’t say in the rules that I can’t nominate my nominators*

1. Body of a Geek Goddess – without this blog I wouldn’t have many of my other nominees, wouldn’t know about the Dean pants, and wouldn’t be able to say in all honesty that I know the future Mrs Joe DuBois. Most of friends follow this blog now, it’s a fabulous mix of geeky gifts, reviews of Sci-Fi shows and a heavy dollop of pictures of hot men.

2. These are my Days – what can I say? A fellow horror fan. A proper horror fan, one who, in the interests of research put herself through the terrible writing featured in the Twilight books – read her hilarious post on her week of hell while reading book one. I should have taken more note of her musings and stopped myself from watching the first Twilight movie – if you’re reading this Mrs Gold – don’t ever go there.  She’s also one of the only people I know who has voluntarily watched Zombie Women of Satan. (As an aside – have you seen The Woman in Black – I thought the movie was very well done…)

3. Lemurs are Hungry – brilliantly written recipe posts and beautifully photographed food. This blog introduces you to ingredients and flavour combinations you never knew existed. I love the fact that the blog even travels with its owner – truly world food coverage!

4. Newcastle Real Ale listings – This started life as a blog – but it seems to have recently been updated to be a website proper – still going to give it a shout out! This blog/site is run by the delightful ‘Uncle Phil’ (he’s not my real Uncle but he is called Phil). He’s got together an army of real ale ‘tickers’ who visit pubs in the North East of England and let him know what ales are available. A brilliant resource for beer lovers!

5. Ear>Protection>Required – a relatively new blog – but a successful Facebook page already – here you’ll find all you could possibly want to know about music events in the North East and beyond. Great for presale information – may you never have to buy your gig tickets off eBay again!

6. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks – as I often taken photographs of annoying errors in signage, in newspapers, on 20-foot high advertising billboards (that kinda thing) – this blog makes me laugh.

Sorry – can’t do 15 blogs – that’s ridiculous!

Seven facts about me…

1. It’s taken a few years, but I am genuinely proud to be a ginger. I do wish that people would heed Tim Minchen’s advice though.

2. I’m not really that keen on real butterflies.

3.  I was genuinely a little bit sad when David Mitchell announced his engagement last week.

4. I know Warren Speed – he plays Pervo the Clown in Zombie Women of Satan. Also ZWOS 2 is currently in production.

5. I love cheese toasties.

6. My favourite colour is green.

7.  I hate movie remakes/reboots and I get ridiculously angry about them.


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