Things that tell me that maybe I watch too many horror movies…

I know I watch too many horror movies. I watch way more than most of my friends. I find it difficult to fathom when people actually don’t like horror movies. How is that possible?

Even I have to admit that perhaps my horror watching has infiltrated my subconscious a bit more than I thought. Take these two instances…

The other day, when putting my mug in the dishwasher at work, my lanyard and staff card dangled precariously into the open machine. My immediate thought was that I was going to die some horrific death Final-Destination-stylee when my hanging neckwear got caught around the workings of the washer, dragged me in and mushed me into small pieces. 🙂

Today, I walk into the social room. There’s been some spillage. So the ‘Watch out there’s been some cleaning’ sign is out. In an over-zealous attempt to stop people walking over it, a number of chairs have been positioned around it. My immediate thought? It’s like that scene from Poltergeist…


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