Richard Wiseman and Derreny Derren Brown in conversation

Last weekend I was up in Edinburgh for a follow up ‘hen do’ (aka an excuse for a girlie night or two away with lots of food and drink).

When planning the trip I was elated to discover that two of my favourite people in the entire world: Derren Brown and Professor Richard Wiseman, would be ‘in conversation’ as part of Edinburgh Science Festival.

Was it luck? I don’t really consider myself a lucky person (even after reading Richard Wiseman’s Luck Factor and watching Derren’s recent show on whether a whole town can be lucky). But I managed to get tickets to the sold out show. One of the friends on the trip spotted it had changed location (otherwise we would have all missed it) so maybe luck was on our side. Either that or it was some sort of spirit intervention.

The afternoon was thoroughly entertaining and satisfyingly exclusive (there were no recordings or photography allowed). There are some pictures of the event over at Richard Wiseman’s Blog (which you should all follow):

Questions from the audience were permitted and my favourite has to be the following exchange:

Audience: “Derren, with your interest in taxidermy, if you were to be stuffed when you die, what position would you choose?”

Derren (with a twinkle in his eye): “Well obviously I’d like to be mounted.”

Richard: “Who would you prefer to be mounted with, Sally Morgan or Derek Acorah?”

Yes it was a very deep and meaningful, scientific discussion 🙂


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