Hey you, idiot – hot water is hot you know!

I understand that signs can be useful. I really do.

Telling you room numbers or names – helpful when you’re trying to navigate a strange building. Telling you that something is out of order – helpful so you don’t make a fool of yourself trying to get tickets out of a broken machine.

But there’s a line. And it’s been crossed at my workplace. Many, many times.

On an almost weekly basis new signs appear in the office. Entering the social room is like walking into a toddler’s birthday party – incessant and annoying babble hits you from every angle. Don’t do this, do that, warning: the hot water is hot (seriously).

My overwhelming annoyance with it all is further compounded by the fact that it’s all done in different fonts, text sizes and various stages of lamination. There are also annotations to the signs, done in biro or marker, shudder.

There are a number of signs around so I will have to split them over a couple of blog posts. 


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