Fred Krueger set to slay Sally Morgan (one can hope…)

October is one of my favourite months of the year mainly because it contains Halloween.

I love the build-up to it: watching horror movies and Halloween TV specials, snuggling down with horror-themed chocolates (seriously monster mini rolls and Cadbury’s Scream Eggs – what’s not to love?).

My Saturday night consisted of two zombie-themed shows (Walking Dead and Derren Brown’s Apocalypse) and the watching of the movie: An American Haunting.

Tonight (the big event), will comprise of American Horror Story: Asylum and Horror Europa presented by Mark Gatiss (both recorded from last night). *Rubs hands in glee*

What else could possibly make tonight’s viewing any better? I think only a Celebrity Come Dine with Me Halloween Special. What’s that you say, there is one?

Look away now if easily offended…

Yes that’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you… (l-r) psychic (ahem) Sally Morgan, cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid, model Nicola McLean and Robert Englund.

Robert Englund.

I am praying that he chooses tonight to bring back Freddy and rid the world of this nightmarish line up.


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