After 25 years I finally meet Tim Booth of James

It must feel like 25 years since I wrote in this blog. And for that I am sorry. Life gets in the way as you know.

Getting started again

I admit, I put up barriers like: blogging is too hard, will take up too much time, my blog is in an old system blah…blah…blah.

I had a word with myself about it and I realise that I actually enjoy blogging and my excuses were, well just that really, excuses.

No more excuses

I’ve moved the blog off the blogger platform and onto WordPress. Apologies if there are start up problems – I’ve noticed a few broken links. There’s also some tidy up needed of categories and the like but I’ll get to that.

See, I’m procrastinating again. where was I?

I met Tim BoothThe day I met Tim Booth!

I have a long-standing love of James. Ever since a day 25 years ago (putting us in 1991) when I heard Lose Control, I have had an obsession with them.

Tim Booth (the lead singer) is a lovely, soft-spoken man and when he sings his voice soars – I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Back in the 90s he sported a head of fluffy curls that was all kinds of cute in an urchiny kinda way. Now he’s a little bit scary. Smooth, bald head and intense staring eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I met him.  When I say ‘met him’, he was signing the new James CD in Newcastle’s HMV and my friend made me ask him for a photograph.

I was terrified. He is a God. He is almost as terrifying as Derren Brown.

And next week, I get to ‘meet him’ again. James play the City Hall in Newcastle. I believe this will be the 10th time I’ve seen them!




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