About this blog

This blog started off many years ago over on blogger as a spelling and grammar blog. I ended up broadening its appeal and then finally lapsing around 2012.  I’ve moved all the posts over to wordpress and hope I can pick this up again.

I’ve missed the creativity. Writing makes my brain work. This is solely a creative, journal type output so don’t expect anything more.

The blog title comes from a Maximo Park song called Postcard of a Painting, in which singer, Paul Smith, laments “I wrote my feelings down in a rush, I didn’t even check the spelling.”

I expect spelling and grammar might creep back in as not only did I study English language at University (and that’s the proper linguistic stuff not just a cop out from English literature), I’ve spent much of my life in jobs that involve writing new content, editing someone else’s content, and proofreading.

I am scared by my relaxing standards when writing messages on my mobile (but I did once tell off my sister for sending an incomprehensible message – I’m all for saving characters to save the price of a text – but really? – ‘wk.end’ for ‘weekend’ – only saves one character and gives me a headache).

I may occasionally lapse into a rant on shoes if I encounter someone trying to convince me of comfort over style (Crocs) or comfort over noise pollution (Ugg boots).

Linda J xx

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