Bram Stoker’s 165th Birthday: a Great Google Graphic

Bram Stoker was born on 8 November, 165 years ago.

Google are honouring the anniversary with a graphic inspired by his most famous work, Dracula.

Google‘s Dracula inspired graphic

And what a horrible thought, without Dracula we might not have had Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair.  No Laclos? No!

Check out the Dark Dates website to find out more about this tale of vampires and otherworldly beings….

You can buy Dark Dates from Amazon UK or Amazon US and you can find it on Goodreads here. You can also check out the online trailer here.


In which I find a film so horrific that even I am a bit freaked out

I make no secret of the fact that I really, really want to find a horror movie to scare me.

I think I have succeeded.

We were asked to read over a website from the Health and Safety Executive on Slips and trips (find out more:  There are some quite horrific images on there – not least the video on the sous chef that ends up chucking boiling fat all over herself – we even see her burning skin.


I watched a Supernatural episode last week on cursed/haunted objects that was just as bad as this video. In the episode a woman had a cursed teapot (stay with me) that made her pour its boiling contents down her neck.

After some digging it seems that the videos are part of a series developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Canada) – (search WSIB on You Tube – but be prepared).

Here is the sous chef one…

Honestly – this one is like a scene from The Omen (see image below)!

Fred Krueger set to slay Sally Morgan (one can hope…)

October is one of my favourite months of the year mainly because it contains Halloween.

I love the build-up to it: watching horror movies and Halloween TV specials, snuggling down with horror-themed chocolates (seriously monster mini rolls and Cadbury’s Scream Eggs – what’s not to love?).

My Saturday night consisted of two zombie-themed shows (Walking Dead and Derren Brown’s Apocalypse) and the watching of the movie: An American Haunting.

Tonight (the big event), will comprise of American Horror Story: Asylum and Horror Europa presented by Mark Gatiss (both recorded from last night). *Rubs hands in glee*

What else could possibly make tonight’s viewing any better? I think only a Celebrity Come Dine with Me Halloween Special. What’s that you say, there is one?

Look away now if easily offended…

Yes that’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you… (l-r) psychic (ahem) Sally Morgan, cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid, model Nicola McLean and Robert Englund.

Robert Englund.

I am praying that he chooses tonight to bring back Freddy and rid the world of this nightmarish line up.

Zombies are charming

So, The Walking Dead is back for its third season – yay! And that first episode probably had more zombies in it than the entirety of season 2.  High hopes then for lots more zombie gore and imaginative fight scenes. Seriously, prison warden zombies? In combat gear? Genius.

Speaking of zombies, how’s about you invest in this delightful charm bracelet from Punky Pins? Brains, eyeballs and severed hands dangle delightfully from the chain. A bargain at only a tenner!

There’s a whole range of zombie-related jewellery – order now and you might get it in time for Halloween!

All work and no play…

As regular readers should know, I love a good horror (book, film, play – not fussy – just scare me goddammit). So I was utterly charmed to discover these horrorgami pieces which celebrate, in paper form, some of the most iconic buildings used in horror movies.

Artist Marc Hagan-Guirey has lovingly recreated his favourite haunted houses using a technique known as kirigami (a type of origami which involves the folding and cutting of a single piece of paper).

The Overlook Hotel by Marc Hagan-Guirey

From The Overlook Hotel in The Shining to the house from Amityville, you can be sure that all the classics are there – but that’s one street I wouldn’t want to be living on!

You can see all of Marc’s horrorgami on display at Gallery One and a Half in London between 1 -14 November 2012.

Derren Brown update

I just discovered that this artist is behind the revamp of Derren’s new website and also the advertising for his stage show Svengali – find out more about his work It’s a small, small world. And all roads seem to lead Derren Brown’s way. I’m scared now….

Richard Wiseman and Derreny Derren Brown in conversation

Last weekend I was up in Edinburgh for a follow up ‘hen do’ (aka an excuse for a girlie night or two away with lots of food and drink).

When planning the trip I was elated to discover that two of my favourite people in the entire world: Derren Brown and Professor Richard Wiseman, would be ‘in conversation’ as part of Edinburgh Science Festival.

Was it luck? I don’t really consider myself a lucky person (even after reading Richard Wiseman’s Luck Factor and watching Derren’s recent show on whether a whole town can be lucky). But I managed to get tickets to the sold out show. One of the friends on the trip spotted it had changed location (otherwise we would have all missed it) so maybe luck was on our side. Either that or it was some sort of spirit intervention.

The afternoon was thoroughly entertaining and satisfyingly exclusive (there were no recordings or photography allowed). There are some pictures of the event over at Richard Wiseman’s Blog (which you should all follow):

Questions from the audience were permitted and my favourite has to be the following exchange:

Audience: “Derren, with your interest in taxidermy, if you were to be stuffed when you die, what position would you choose?”

Derren (with a twinkle in his eye): “Well obviously I’d like to be mounted.”

Richard: “Who would you prefer to be mounted with, Sally Morgan or Derek Acorah?”

Yes it was a very deep and meaningful, scientific discussion 🙂

Things that tell me that maybe I watch too many horror movies…

I know I watch too many horror movies. I watch way more than most of my friends. I find it difficult to fathom when people actually don’t like horror movies. How is that possible?

Even I have to admit that perhaps my horror watching has infiltrated my subconscious a bit more than I thought. Take these two instances…

The other day, when putting my mug in the dishwasher at work, my lanyard and staff card dangled precariously into the open machine. My immediate thought was that I was going to die some horrific death Final-Destination-stylee when my hanging neckwear got caught around the workings of the washer, dragged me in and mushed me into small pieces. 🙂

Today, I walk into the social room. There’s been some spillage. So the ‘Watch out there’s been some cleaning’ sign is out. In an over-zealous attempt to stop people walking over it, a number of chairs have been positioned around it. My immediate thought? It’s like that scene from Poltergeist…