Sky Broadband is coming…

Oh it is, is it?
This is one of my pet hates  –  no check of the email title.
  • Sky Broadband is on it’s way
  • Sky Broadband is on its way
You may be wondering why I’ve waited six years to publish this. The answer is laziness.
I’m hoping to get back on track now!

A pig walks into a bar…

Half a year has passed since my last post. Half a year!

I have no excuses. Well, except for general apathy.

This was in the Trent House, Newcastle (it was taken well over a year ago now, they’ve even got round to painting over it).

And no, I didn’t amend the error.

I am a polite notice and I’ll thank you if I want to

Part four in the signage at work series…
Not satisfied with filling the social room with quite frankly bonkers signage, there have been a number of signs added to our toilets too. 
This one is my favourite. It is a polite notice. Look how pleasant it is. It’s basically telling us how unpleasant we all are. I have yet to witness anything that may have prompted this sign. Well, unless you count coat hangers on the back of the toilet door. I don’t expect to find them in my facilities at home…

This second one is to promote stress awareness. If only they knew how stressed this signage makes me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And breathe…

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What’s this? What’s this? It’s something guaranteed to annoy me

It’s getting a bit embarrassing now. 
Colleagues race over to my desk exclaiming “have you seen it, there’s another one?”
From their crazed expressions of incredulity, I’m expecting that we’ve a view of two suns above Northumberland Street (though let’s face it, one has been quite rare this summer), or that maybe someone has quickly knocked up a replica of the Tyne Bridge. 
No. Nothing so exciting. 
Invariably, it’s another sign in the Social Room.
Exhibit one – slightly crumpled signage. Probably got a bit damp from kitchen moisture

Exhibit two – borrow books from under this badly laid out sign

Exhibit three – curling at the edges small sign

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Error 404 = it’s your fault, you fool

I love Durham University’s 404 error page. It basically points out all the silly things that you might have done wrong because they couldn’t have possibly left a broken link anywhere. But it’s so detailed: is there any need for this?
“The case of any letters must be correct. Have you got a small letter where a capital letter is needed, or vice versa? Often the l (letter ell) is confused with 1 (the digit 1), and an O (capital letter oh) is confused with 0 (the digit zero). If this may be the case, try using an l (letter ell) instead of a 1 (digit one) or vice-versa. Or, try using a 0 (digit zero) instead of a O (capital letter oh) or vice-versa.”