Thai China review – why would you choose this one?

Sometimes using the most recent review in your advertorial isn’t really the best idea. I know they want to make it look genuine and unedited, but really?

The Golden Lion is back!

The husband and I went to this pub the day before it closed…forever.

But now it’s back with a horrible advert.

There’s actually not that much wrong with it but putting text all over an image does absolutely nothing to help its readability.

There’s a bit of random capitalisation ‘Curry & a Pint’ but ‘Two Curries & a bottle of wine’.  They’re missing a ‘pm’ after the Sunday lunch serving time.

It could have been much, much worse.

I might be missing a glaringly obvious error but it’s probably obscured by a picnic table or something.

Grammar? Yeah yeah, whatever… *rolls eyes*

The word they’re looking for in this advert is whatever not what and ever separately.
In this context, the word should be a pronoun – meaning ‘no matter what’ and is one word. The form  that comes out here is interrogative so: ‘What ever (is) your budget?’ which clearly doesn’t make much sense without an additional verb.
A rule of thumb is if you can remove the word ‘ever’ without ruining the meaning then using two words is fine. In reality, use of ‘what ever’ often comes across as a little bit affected and formal:
‘What ever is his problem?’
‘What ever did you see?’
and then there’s the rest of this advert… *sighs*

Pizza Express responsible for a stupid healthy pizza (who takes the middle away? That’s the best bit!) and for bad grammar

I should never let my grammar radar down, I was distracted by the QR code on this advert (people at work have been asking about them), when obviously I should have been watching their language.
Sort it out Pizza Express (I refuse to use their camel case…).
Thanks Thrifty Gal for prompting me to pull my Metro paper out of the recycling bin.