Sky Broadband is coming…

Oh it is, is it?
This is one of my pet hates  –  no check of the email title.
  • Sky Broadband is on it’s way
  • Sky Broadband is on its way
You may be wondering why I’ve waited six years to publish this. The answer is laziness.
I’m hoping to get back on track now!

Voucher errors – Happy Father’s Day

As caption competition winner at the Red Nose Day* at work (don’t ask, the caption wasn’t that great), I was pleased to receive a voucher to use at a local restaurant/bar.
I was even more pleased when I spotted the errors in the small print. Obviously Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are very different things to this company.
*Obviously Red Nose Day was ages ago but I kept this as a Father’s Day themed blog and then promptly forgot to publish it…..

A nice day for a white wedding

I’m confused, coverage of the wedding starts at 11.00am but you don’t get any tea until 3.00pm. If you opt for the buffet, it doesn’t start until 7.30pm. There’s a lot of hanging around.

It’s great though, as well as live wedding coverage you get a live firework display! I’m not sure how often you would see a recorded firework display as part of something like this.

The poor hobbit boy, Jamie Cullum, is referenced incorrectly and minus an apostrophe. Unless Jamie Cullems is someone else entirely.
There’s also some delightfully random capitalisation.
But don’t miss out, make your resevation now.