Breaking news…Australian illness discovered: teaspoons have walkabout

Part two in the ‘signs in my office series’ (part one covers the health and safety angle: Hot Water is Hot!), these signs have been annoted with actual handwriting…

Obviously the first one is missing a ‘been’, but it’s that chirpy ‘Thanks‘ really annoys me.I should be grateful that the Alot creature didn’t make an appearance here.

This second one has a sentence in smaller text that says ‘Otherwise the alarm sounds in the Security Office, which makes them very unhappy’. Just in case you weren’t clear, that’s VERY! unhappy.


Hey you, idiot – hot water is hot you know!

I understand that signs can be useful. I really do.

Telling you room numbers or names – helpful when you’re trying to navigate a strange building. Telling you that something is out of order – helpful so you don’t make a fool of yourself trying to get tickets out of a broken machine.

But there’s a line. And it’s been crossed at my workplace. Many, many times.

On an almost weekly basis new signs appear in the office. Entering the social room is like walking into a toddler’s birthday party – incessant and annoying babble hits you from every angle. Don’t do this, do that, warning: the hot water is hot (seriously).

My overwhelming annoyance with it all is further compounded by the fact that it’s all done in different fonts, text sizes and various stages of lamination. There are also annotations to the signs, done in biro or marker, shudder.

There are a number of signs around so I will have to split them over a couple of blog posts. 

Be my Valentine? The way to my heart.

Okay, so for Valentine’s Day I give you this t-shirt from Cafe Press.

I think that Thrifty Gal might have won in the Valentine’s Day card suggestions competition. This card  from Missus de Paperie on Etsy is inspired. I wish I’d found it! If someone bought this for me, I may just melt a little – I realise this makes me weird.

And really, there’s a valentine featuring Castiel?

To be fair though, should anyone buy me that then I would be less interested in the valentine and far more interested in Cas… Best case scenario I suppose is that Cas is my valentine. Wait, I’m rambling aren’t I?

Fonts are your friends

If I sent you a white jumper with your name on it in a font especially chosen for you*, would you wear it and send in the photo?

These people did just that for some research**:

View the results:

*Though how I would choose this font I don’t know – herein lies danger – Comic Sans anyone?
** I’m not entirely clear what the research was for, but hey ho.