Butterflies and quearies?

Belated Christmas gifts are always amazing. This joyous piece of craft came from Denis Denis of the murder bathroom . It looks lovely, all glittery and sparkly and well, butterfly-y. When you open it though, there are about a billion pins. Apparently it is suitable for anyone over 36 months. I dread to think what might happen when a 37 month old gets hold of it (let alone a 38 year old…).

Bonus! When going to collect my amazing mystery parcel from the Post Office I also spotted this delightful typo in their brand new laminated signage all over the collection desks…


Amazin’ Savin’s

Photo Credit:  This photo was provided by the amazing Steve. Steve is brilliant. His photography skills know no bounds. Catch him on a bad day and he’s still superb, catch him on a good day and woah, you won’t know what’s hit you. He is the most wonderful man I know. Don’t you forget it. With glitter on top.

New grammar pedant joins the army of ‘I saw this and thought of you’ providers

Mwah ha ha ha, I have unearthed another wordsmith out there.

Mr Howarth has well and truly outed himself as a grammar and spelling pedant by sending me this delight, taken on Northumberland Street, Newcastle. He’s straight in as part of the ‘I saw this and thought of you’ tag 🙂 Welcome!

And nice, he has a couple of blogs that I might just follow too.

The first, http://silvertankard.wordpress.com/ covers real ale, an area becoming increasingly of interest to me since I first attended the Keswick Beer Festival (back in 2005 I think) and discovered stout and green beer.

The second, http://gloryinvirtue.wordpress.com/ is blog on news, social media and PR.