A pig walks into a bar…

Half a year has passed since my last post. Half a year!

I have no excuses. Well, except for general apathy.

This was in the Trent House, Newcastle (it was taken well over a year ago now, they’ve even got round to painting over it).

And no, I didn’t amend the error.


Notebook of the week…not

I found this little notebook when visiting Sunderland’s Museum and Winter Gardens the other week.

It’s got some of the suburbs of my hometown, Sunderland, listed on the front. Cool, huh?


The spelling of Fulwell is incorrect :/ And that’s where I’m from.

Guess what, I didn’t buy it.

Butterflies and quearies?

Belated Christmas gifts are always amazing. This joyous piece of craft came from Denis Denis of the murder bathroom . It looks lovely, all glittery and sparkly and well, butterfly-y. When you open it though, there are about a billion pins. Apparently it is suitable for anyone over 36 months. I dread to think what might happen when a 37 month old gets hold of it (let alone a 38 year old…).

Bonus! When going to collect my amazing mystery parcel from the Post Office I also spotted this delightful typo in their brand new laminated signage all over the collection desks…


Merry Christmas, I think

I’m not entirely clear on what this advert in my local paper is trying to say.

Surely they meant ‘with compliments of the season’ aka ‘season’s greetings’, which clearly doesn’t make sense when the sentence is completed by ‘with our Christmas party menu’.
And if they didn’t mean that, did they mean ‘complement’, meaning ‘complete the season with our Christmas menu’? This of course would make more sense, but then it’s the wrong spelling.
I can’t bring myself to believe that this is a clever use of compliment/complement, but it might be!
Merry Christmas to everyone!